Class Descriptions


Combining the mindful dynamic flowing movements of a vinyasa practice with intelligent anatomical alignment linked seamlessly with the breath this class.

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This class combines the mindful dynamic flowing movements of a vinyasa practice with intelligent anatomical alignment linked seamlessly with the breath. The latter portion of the practice includes deep, longer held poses that allow the body to create more flexibility and ease.

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Begin addressing your stress and tension with a Deep Relaxation practice that blends breath, sound and gentle yoga shapes. You’re guided through a series of shapes that are supported by bolsters, blankets and blocks to encourage a progressive state of relaxation that can be carried off the mat and into daily life. Regular practice imparts the ability to repeatedly relax on purpose which allows tension to dissolve on the mat, bringing the nervous system back into balance and restoring an innate sense of wellbeing. No yoga experience is necessary, merely a willingness to breathe.

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A steady practice with focus on proper alignment and embodying the essence of "asana" - that is, feeling a sense of steadiness & comfort in each posture. With less of a "flow" feel to the overall structure of the class, we will engage more in depth with classic yoga poses and s well as the yogic principle of self-inquiry as each shape presents a new challenge or revelation. This practice will allow for an increased sense of mental & physical alignment, strength, stamina, flexibility, as well as improving mental focus and breath control. This class is suitable for all levels.

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Mellow flow is a class where you will slowly and methodically move with your breath in a mindful moving meditation.
With careful emphasis on alignment of the body and a light-hearted approach, this class will leave you feeling aligned
and connected so you can bring your best self into your day!

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This one hour mixed levels vinyasa class will offer something for everyone. Expect to flow through movement with the breath as you explore your own limits. You are encouraged to walk the line between effort and ease, it's not a one-size-fits-all practice, feel free to modify!

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Description Coming Soon.

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Invigorating, alignment-based flows set to upbeat music that will build heat and reduce stress. Expect to leave the class feeling strong, balanced & inspired to take on the world.

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One of these things is not like the rest however, if you are looking to turn it up a little and get on your feet, Sweat Pop is a great addition to your practice. This class is a zing of sass & funk, straight to your body & soul. This follow along dance work out is designed to burn fat and tighten up, while filling the room with all of the good vibes. This class provides a full body work out with modifications for all levels. So if you’re ready to SWEAT, POP in and dance with Lili!  

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End your week with engaging movement, breath and relaxation. Sweat and sip is your opportunity to explore a fulfilling practice and toast to your weekend with your fellow yogis. Teachers will rotate leading this class.

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Vinyasa flow meets light weight strength training and cardio. Set to upbeat music, this full body workout is challenging, energetic & fun!


This class is aimed at both the seasoned beginner and regular practitioner. With a focus on intentional movement integrated with conscious breath, we will explore the body-mind union with a blend of classic asanas including twists, some backbends, and approachable inversions. Students are always encouraged to "play with their edges" and allow the breath to guide. This practice will allow for an increased sense of flow, balance, stamina, openness of heart, and clarity of mind.

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